Wrinkles as a pattern? That does not have to happen!

Annoyed by that wrinkled appearance?
Do you feel that:
“this is the state of the art and nothing can be done about it”?

Herringbone pattern

awning with overlapping seam made with 120 cm wide fabric


awning with overlapping seam made with 120 cm wide fabric

Overstretched seams

awning with overlapping seam made with 120 cm wide fabric

With compression wrinkes

awning without seam made out of full fabric width


An UltraSeam-Awning™, made with 120 cm wide fabric, is the solution for a wrinkle free awning. The seaming is edge to edge using a special hotmelt adhesive, the UltraSeam Tape.

The wrinkle free awning

A modern awning surface made with UltraSeam™ made with 120 cm wide fabric

What should you consider to manufacture and supply such awnings?


The awning fabriconly winds as well as the system allows it!

To achieve a modern quality standard, not only the fabric, but the entire awning system must be considered. The following two essential requirements make it possible…


1. factor: the seam

An awning fabric with UltraSeam™ is mandatory.
By using an ultrasonic welding/gluing machine in combination with the UltraSeam™ Tape seaming is as easy as overlap seams with conventional equipment.

Overlap glued

UltraSeam™ glued

Conventional awning

UltraSeam awning

2. factor: the suitble awning system

This picture of an awning made out of full width fabric (seamless) shows the effects of the fabric / system combination.
(Approx. 6.0 m wide x 3.0 m)

Conventional system

Optimized system

How could an optimized system look like?
Drawing (example): bottom view of an optimized system with UltraSeam™
(approx. 6.0 x 3.0 m)

  • Increased stability

    By the use of an UltraSeam awning a higher stability of the system can be achieved. Because of the reduced winding diameter a bigger tube can be chosen that ensures more stability. An app. system width of 5,5 m can be achieved even without the use of a support.


Awnings made with UltraSeam™, have significantly smaller winding diameters!
Following picture shows the concept of a folding arm awning with cassette and accompanying tube support.

A (preferably) straight tube avoids wrinkles!



The capability:
Instead of a Ø 78 mm tube, with UltraSeam™ a Ø 92 mm tube can be used. The picture shows two common tube diameter.

Poly-acryl drop valance:
Until now it was critical to use large tube design for the drop valance to avoid wrinkles. The smaller and flatter windig characteristics of the UltraSeam™ drop valance allows use of smaller tube diameters.

Important topics for the engineering!

Due to the small winding diameter the tube supports apply lower pressure to the fabric compared to conventional designs.
Additional optimization can be achieved by combining tube supports with floating bearings.

Advantage: A bigger and more stable tube can be used in the same size of the cassette!


Technical Specifications

  • UV-Resistance (top side)

    With the UV resistant layer the tape can be used on the top or bottom side of the awning.

  • Color

    The UltraSeam Tape is available in different colors, suitable for the fabric colour or as visible highlight.

[fusion_modal name=”Farbauswahl” title=”UltraSeam Colors” size=”small” background=”#ffffff” border_color=”” show_footer=”yes” class=”” id=””]

The above colors are to be regarded as basic color tones. Due to the transparency of the UltraSeam tapes and the inherent colour of the fabrics, the color tones adapt slightly to the respective fabric background.


  • Reinforcing layer

    The  reinforcement layer increases the pulling strength of the tape and has also a perfect balance of elasticity and resilience. Applied to the fabric it takes over additionally fabric tensions and improves the resilience of the entire awning fabric significantly.

  • Hotmelt adhesive (fabric side)

    A specially formulated hotmelt adhesive allows this tape to be used with ultrasonic systems and typical acrylic / polyester fabrics used in the sun protection industry.

Edge tape

Seam tape

UltraSeam™ color selection

Width: 21 mm

Width: 21 mm

Width: 21 mm

The showed colors are basic color. Due to the transparency of the UltraSeam tape and the color of the fabric itself, the tape colors slightly matches to the fabric.


(depending on material and edge cut)

(depending on material and edge cut)



The UltraSeam™ fabric is processed with an ultrasonic welding / gluing machine, the Weldsonic™ Twin of the company Jentschmann AG. Following steps are executed to achieve a perfect result:

Move overlap

The fabric is loaded into the Weldsonic™ Twin as usual via 20 mm overlap guide and is clamped. The suitable UltraSeam™ tape is selected and guided between anvil and the fabric.

Ultrasonic cutting and gluing

Two ultrasonic cutters that are implemented into the UltraSeam™ guide cut the upper and lower fabric during the feed. Therefore folowing aspects are ensured:

  • a constant cutting edge quality
  • a precise guide edge-to-edge
  • no offset of the fabric design

The UltraSeam™-Tape is applied simultaneously on the top side of the fabric. The combination of pressure and ultrasonic energy activates the tape and glues it to the fabric. The seam is compressed to the fabric thickness so there is virtually no extra thickness at the seam.


The UltraSeam™ enables a new way of PVC spline processing,
on the drop profile as well as on the tube side.
The new keder system is manufactured using a soft, solid PVC spline.
The soft spline also has the advantage of allowing some tension to be applied along the spline if desired.

Conventional keder hem

The new keder hem

The advantages

  • No visible seam

  • No stitch holes that collect dirt

  • Waterproof keder edge

  • Material savings of the conventional keder hem


The new keder system is manufactured on an ultrasonic-welding-gluing machine, the Weldsonic™ Twin Keder from Jentschmann AG. The following processing steps are carried out for a perfect result:
A laser line allows operator to position the fabric where the keder is desired. Material will be cut and keder applied along this line, ensuring a clean, exact finish and optionally valance cut off in one step.
The machine splits the Keder, glues it to the fabric, folds, and glues the two halves back together – sandwiching the fabric between the keder.

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