Wrinkles as a pattern? That does not have to happen!

Annoyed by that wrinkled appearance?
Do you feel that:
“this is the state of the art and nothing can be done about it”?

Herringbone pattern

awning with overlapping seam made with 120 cm wide fabric


awning with overlapping seam made with 120 cm wide fabric

Overstretched seams

awning with overlapping seam made with 120 cm wide fabric

With compression wrinkes

awning without seam made out of full fabric width


An UltraSeam-Awning™, made with 120 cm wide fabric, is the solution for a wrinkle free awning. The seaming is edge to edge using a special hotmelt adhesive, the UltraSeam Tape.

The wrinkle free awning

A modern awning surface made with UltraSeam™ made with 120 cm wide fabric

What should you consider to manufacture and supply such awnings?


The awning fabriconly winds as well as the system allows it!

To achieve a modern quality standard, not only the fabric, but the entire awning system must be considered. The following two essential requirements make it possible…


1. factor: the seam

An awning fabric with UltraSeam™ is mandatory.
By using an ultrasonic welding/gluing machine in combination with the UltraSeam™ Tape seaming is as easy as overlap seams with conventional equipment.

Overlap glued

UltraSeam™ glued

Conventional awning

UltraSeam awning

2. factor: the suitble awning system

This picture of an awning made out of full width fabric (seamless) shows the effects of the fabric / system combinatio.
(Approx. 6.0 m wide x 3.0 m)

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